Pli Stix, Hot Crack Sealing Solution for Homeowners

April 11th, 2009 by Douglas

For your driveway repair needs, order Pli-Stix today 515zihhaf7l_sl160_


The best crack sealing product you could use is a hot applied crack sealer that bonds to the surface.


Most crack fillers are cold applied. While they are easy to use, they do not hold up nearly as well as a hot crack sealer.


Enter, Pli-Stix.


Pli Stix is a hot applied crack sealer designed for the do-it-yourselfer.


Pli-Stix gives you contractor style results without the contractor price. Benefits include,

  • 30 foot of crack sealer in one package
  • Usable on cracks up to 1 inch wide
  • It is hot applied, so it properly bonds to the sidewalls of the crack.
  • It expands and contracts with the freeze/thaw cycles, making the job last longer.


Using Pli Stix could not be easier. Cut to length, place in crack, and heat with a torch.


Use it to fill stubborn cracks, fill the gap between your driveway and garage, or fill the sawcuts in your concrete driveway.


Until now, you had to hire a professional to hot pour crack fill your driveway. Contractor tools to hot crack fill are messy and can leave rubber strings all over your driveway.


Pli-Stix fixes this. Since you cut it to length, there is no waste or mess. The crack sealer goes where YOU want it to go.


Order Pli-Stix today and get a professional job for a bargain price.


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